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Concrete stair reinforcement detail

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Stairs provide access to the various floors of the building. The stair consists of series of steps with landings at appropriate intervals. The stretch between the two landings is called flight. The Space, where stairs are provided is called staircase. To make it ease in understanding, I am calculating the quantities of a staircase by dividing into components. Components of Staircase:- Waist slab: Waist slab refers to a slab of the stair that is inclining from the floor slab to the landing slab. Flight: The series of steps between floor and landing. Landing: The level of floor between flights. Step: The step consists of Riser and tread. Tread: The tread is the flat part that you step on. Riser: The riser is the vertical (up and down) part between each tread in the stairway.
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