Objectives and Methods of Analysis and Design pdf : concrete and steel

Lesson 1 : Objectives and Methods of Analysis and Design 

At the end of this lesson, the student should be able to:
• state the four objectives of the design of reinforced concrete structures,
• name the three methods of design of concrete structure and identify the best
method of design,
• state the basis of the analysis of the structure,
• express the design loads in terms of characteristic loads in limit state and
working stress methods,
• define the characteristic load,
• name the different loads, forces and effects to be considered in the design,
• state the basis of determining the combination of different loads acting on the

Lesson 2 : Properties of Concrete and Steel

At the end of this lesson, the student should be able to:
• know the properties of concrete inrespect of strength, deformation and
• know the properties of steel used as reinforcement in concrete structures
•understand the importance of quality control, inspection and testing of
concrete and steel in several steps from its basic preparation to the removal
of formwork after the construction
• recommend the acceptance of good concrete based on sample test of
specimens, core tests, load test and non-destructive tests

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Braced frame design example in excel

bracing bent analysis for lateral loads - calculation with spreadsheet excel document.

bracing bent analysis for lateral loads - calculation with spreadsheet excel document.


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 aisc connection design examples
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FLAT SLAP of Common practice of design and construction is to support the slabs by beams and support the beams by columns. This may be called as beam-slab construction. The beams reduce the available net clear ceiling height. Hence in warehouses, offices and public halls some times beams are avoided and slabs are directly supported by columns. This types of construction is aesthetically appealing also. These slabs which are directly supported by columns are called Flat Slabs.

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end plate moment connection xls design example

Single 4-tension bolt end plate moment connection
Double 4-tension bolt end plate moment connections
Single 8-tension bolt end plate moment connection
Double 8-tension bolt end plate moment connections

"ENDPLMC9" is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of analysis and design of end plate moment connections per the AISC 9th Edition (ASD) Manual. Specifically the program can analyze both single 4-tension bolt and 8-tension bolt configurations, as well as the conditions of having moment connections on each side of the column attached to the column flanges.

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Flat slab design lessen 2

Design and detailing of flat slab - pdf course

• Introduction
• Benefits
• Design Considerations
• Design Methodology
• Analysis of Flat Slab • Detailing

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Design water tank structure excel sheet

Water tank design calculations with excel spreadsheet.


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Design of steel connection - bolted connexion

Design of steel structure - example of bolted connexion

Connection classification : Classification based on the type of resultant force transferred: The bolted connections are referred to as concentric connections (force transfer in tension and compression member), eccentric connections (in reaction transferring brackets) or moment resisting connections (in beam to column connections in frames).

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Flat slab design pdf

Complete lesson of Flat slab design

1. What is a flat slab?
- Flat Slab resting directly on columns
- Flat Slab with drop panels
- Flat slab with drop panel and column head
- Flat slab with column head
2.  Types of flat slab
3.  Benefits of flat slab
4. 1 Behaviour of Slab supported on Stiff , Flexible and no beams
4. 2 Structural Behaviour of Flat Slab
5.  Distribution of Total Panel Moment in different zones
6.  General Design Considerations
7. Determination of Bending Moment CL 31.3

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Water treatment ppt presentation

- Conventional Surface Water Treatment
– Screening-Sedimentation
- Drag Coefficient on a Sphere
- Reynolds Number for a Floc
- Laminar Flow Boundary
- Sedimentation Basin
- Sedimentation Basin: Critical Path
- Sedimentation Basin: Importance of Tank Surface Area
- Lamella
- Design Criteria for Sedimentation Tanks
- Sedimentation of Small Particles?
- Particle/particle interactions
- Energy Barrier
- Coagulation
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulant introduction with rapid mixing
- Flocculation-Flocculation
- Flocculator Design (Prior to 1992): The “shear is dominant” assumption
- Improved Model Development
- Heterodisperse, Rectilinear Flocculation
- Rectilinear Collision Frequency
– Transport Mechanisms
- Differential Sedimentation
- Herterodisperse, Curvilinear Flocculation
- Dominant Collision Mechanisms
- Curvilinear Simplified Conclusions
- Application of Results
- Mechanical Flocculators
- Hydraulic Flocculators
- Potential Research Project
- Sludge Blanket Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank
- Flocculator Design
- Basic Mechanism of Bed Load Sediment Transport
- Threshold of MovementShields Diagram (1936)
- G and t and biggest particles
- Recommended G and Gq values: Turbidity or Color Removal
- Suggested Design Process
- Vertical
- flow Baffled Flocculator
- Scaling floc sed down to POU
- Coagulants
- Upflow Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank particle capture
- Physical Characteristics of Floc: The Floc Density Function
- Floc Density Function: Dimensional Analysis!
- Additional Model Limitation
- Floc Density and Velocity (Approximate)
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Deep vs. Shallow
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Batch vs. Upflow
- Frictional Losses in Straight Pipes


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water treatment process ppt lesson

water treatment process presentation.

Drinking water should be essentially free of disease-causing microbes, but often this is not the case.
- A large proportion of the world’s population drinks microbially contaminated water, especially in developing countries .
Using the best possible source of water for potable water supply and protecting it from microbial and chemical contamination is the goal
- In many places an adequate supply of pristine water or water that can be protected from contamination is not available
The burden of providing microbially safe drinking water supplies from contaminated natural waters rests upon water treatment processes 
- The efficiency of removal or inactivation of enteric microbes and other pathogenic microbes in specific water treatment processes has been determined for some microbes but not others.
- The ability of water treatment processes and systems to reduce waterborne disease has been determined in epidemiological studies

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Underwater construction in ppt and doc lessons

Underwater concrete construction is a critical component of the entire project. It is technically demanding, usually on the critical path of the project. It is technically demanding, usually on the critical path of the project schedule, and involves complex construction logistics. Therefore, its significance in the project far beyond the concreting operations themselves, in essence, underwater concrete can be constructed with the same degree of reliability as above-water construction. But if it is not carried out properly, with the proper concrete mixture and placement procedure, underwater concrete construction can result in a major cost and schedule overrun. This is the area where sound design and competent  construction planning can achieve a meaningful reduction in risk and cost.

Here yo'll find 4 lessons about this subject.

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
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Design of steel structure - complet lesson

Complet lesson in design of steel structure.


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plane frame analysis of portal and gable rigid plane - spreadsheet xls


"FRAME" is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of plane frame analysis of portal and gablerigid plane frames subjected to various types of loading. Specifically, the "stiffness matrix" method of analysis is used to determine the unknown joint displacements, support reactions, and member end forces. Individual frame members are also analyzed to determine the shears and intermediate moments. Plots of both the shear and moment diagrams are also produced. Also, the frame is drawn for visual confimation of geometry/configuration.

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Design of structural systems pdf

Design of Structural Systems CIE-600


  1. General information about the building
  2. Design of Slabs
  3. Design of Beams, columns and Foundation
  4. Design of shear and retaining walls
  5. Design of Stair case
  6. Green Engineering and Aesthetics Aspect
  7. Material (concrete) Usage Estimation
  8. References

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concrete estimate formula excel spreadsheet

Example of concrete estimate for :
- Concrete Work of Ground Floor and Above

Download 1
Download 2

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Material required in building - spreadsheet excel

spreadsheet to calculate material required for building :
Bitumen 10/20, Bitumen 80/100, Brick, Brick Tiles, Cement, Cement "W", Ceramic Tile, Chips, Crush, Earth "Mud" ,Felt paper, Hessian Cloth, Kerosens Oil, Khapprial, M.S.Sheet.16swg, M.Strip, Pigment, Polish, Polythene Sheet, Red Oxid Paint, Sand Chn., Sand L.P, Thermopore, Turi, Wood for Heat, Brick Cyrri, Brick Ballast.

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Model daily progress report template

Daily progress report example for using in your projects in doc word format.


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Cantilever retaining wall sheet excel

in this file we'll calculate :
Dimension in m, Active earth pressure, Passive earth pressure, Weights & Moments at toe, Check overturning Driving Moment, Resisting Moment, Check sliding Driving Force, Resisting Force, Check Stress M toe.

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Examples of Finishing Quantities and Prices.

Finishing Quantities and Prices

Salon & Dining Room, Bed Room, Bath Room, Balcony, Entrance, Kitchen, Distributor, Stairs, External walls, Electric Elevator, Gyps, Solar system, Roof tiles, General Site, Concrete Works.

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Design of isolated foundation in excel sheet

Foundation design isolated footing spreadsheet

Find this example of Design of isolated foundation subjected to pure normal force to download for free.

This is a Design of isolated footing example spreadsheet.

Foundation design isolated footing spreadsheet


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isolated footing design excel sheet 1

isolated footing design example

Find this useful document for isolated footing design excel sheet To download or read online.

In addition of isolated footing design, this document contain also :
* Calculation of coefficients * Design of slabs * Design of flat slabs * Design of beams * Design of sections under M,N * Check shear in beams * Design for torsion * Design of rectangular columns * Design of circular columns * Design of isolated footings * Design of isolated footings under moment * Design of combined footings * Design of strap footings * Design of retaining walls * Deflection of cantilevers * Deflection of simples

isolated footing design excel sheet,


Tags :
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Design of retaining wall with spredsheet

File to calculate retaining wall with excel sheet.
The pupose of this Calculation is to design Retaining wall and check the adequecy of this retaining wall against overturning and sliding forces.

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Design isolating edg footing

Design of isolating footing at edg.

Find this example of Design isolating edg footing to download in excel spreadsheet.

For fast calcul , an easy document to calculate isolated footing design with excel sheet (spreadsheet).

Design of isolating footing at edg.

Tags : 
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concrete quantities calculator per m3

Calculate Quantities of Materials for Concrete with excel.
This file is editable for your new projec.
 Y'll find : Dimension of reinfocement concrete, Dimension of  blinding concrete and more...
 download for free and enjoy.

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