Water treatment ppt presentation

- Conventional Surface Water Treatment
– Screening-Sedimentation
- Drag Coefficient on a Sphere
- Reynolds Number for a Floc
- Laminar Flow Boundary
- Sedimentation Basin
- Sedimentation Basin: Critical Path
- Sedimentation Basin: Importance of Tank Surface Area
- Lamella
- Design Criteria for Sedimentation Tanks
- Sedimentation of Small Particles?
- Particle/particle interactions
- Energy Barrier
- Coagulation
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulant introduction with rapid mixing
- Flocculation-Flocculation
- Flocculator Design (Prior to 1992): The “shear is dominant” assumption
- Improved Model Development
- Heterodisperse, Rectilinear Flocculation
- Rectilinear Collision Frequency
– Transport Mechanisms
- Differential Sedimentation
- Herterodisperse, Curvilinear Flocculation
- Dominant Collision Mechanisms
- Curvilinear Simplified Conclusions
- Application of Results
- Mechanical Flocculators
- Hydraulic Flocculators
- Potential Research Project
- Sludge Blanket Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank
- Flocculator Design
- Basic Mechanism of Bed Load Sediment Transport
- Threshold of MovementShields Diagram (1936)
- G and t and biggest particles
- Recommended G and Gq values: Turbidity or Color Removal
- Suggested Design Process
- Vertical
- flow Baffled Flocculator
- Scaling floc sed down to POU
- Coagulants
- Upflow Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank particle capture
- Physical Characteristics of Floc: The Floc Density Function
- Floc Density Function: Dimensional Analysis!
- Additional Model Limitation
- Floc Density and Velocity (Approximate)
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Deep vs. Shallow
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Batch vs. Upflow
- Frictional Losses in Straight Pipes


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