Construction Cost Template in Excel

Construction cost analysis template excel

Download this example of Construction Cost Template in Excel, with estimated construction budget.

Cost Plan Workbook 


UC Component Cost Summary 

Insert Project Title in Cell A1. 

Insert Plant Account number in Cell E1. 

Insert Date of Estimate in Cell E2. 

Leave the CCCI in Cell E4 as XXXX, until information is provided by UCOP. Insert Overall Gross Square Feet (OGSF) for project in Cell G6. 

In the shaded cells of Column E, enter construction cost from the cost estimate in thousands of-dollars ($,000). 

Complete the shaded inflation calculations using project schedule and estimated percentages  for annual inflation. 

Specify the design contingency assumptions incorporated in the base component costs, as a  percentage in Cell B64. 

Cost Plan Summary and P or W Submit. Cost Plan Summ 

These forms are completed automatically with the information provided in the Component  Cost Summary worksheet and require no input. 

Cost Conversion to CIB Format 

In the shaded cells of Columns D, F, H, and J, enter the construction cost for those items that  are outside the construction contract and will be completed by the campus (i.e.,  telecommunications, builder’s risk insurance, etc.). Provide the description of the cost in  Column A. 

The totals in Row 32 should match Lines 0, 1, 2, and 4 on your CIB. 

Area and Control Quantities 

Insert in the shaded areas of Column D the unit values of key control quantities (i.e.,  enclosed area, volume, elevators, etc.). This information needs to be provided either in this  worksheet or in the detailed cost estimate. 

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