free excel construction templates

Construction budget template

Download this free excel construction template project management budget. You can edit this document with your project information.

This is all project expenses

Acquisition - Land and/or Building 

Acquisition - Land 
Acquisition - Building 

Site Work

 On-Site Work 
Off-Site Work 


New Construction Costs 
Rehabilitation Costs 
Construction Contingency         ( __%) 
Fees and Permits 

Professional Fees 

Architect Fees - 
Accounting/Real Estate Attorney 
Appraisal, Market Study, Environmental Report 
Consulting, Cost Certification, Etc. 
Other Contingency ( __%) 

Developer's Fees 

Developer's Fees 
General Partner 

Interim Costs 

Construction Interest 
Construction Loan Fee 
Insurance, Title, Etc. 
Taxes, Performance Premium, Etc.
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