Concrete structure pdf

3.1 Constituents: Cement, aggregates, water and admixtures

3.1.1 Purpose and function of constituents
3.1.1 History and manufacture cement - Development of cement-based products Components, types and properties Component materials required for cement making Manufacturing process Constituents of cement Types of cement (CSA)
3.1.2 Setting, hydration and hardening of cement/concrete
3.1.3 Properties of aggregates, water and admixtures Properties of aggregates Properties of water Admixtures: Need and type Chemical admixtures Mineral admixtures

3.2 Making and testing of concrete

3.2.1 Mixing, placing, finishing and curing of concrete
3.2.2 Properties of fresh concrete: Consistency and workability
3.2.3 Properties of hardened concrete Strength: Compressive, tensile and flexure Modulus of elasticity Durability of concrete Creep and shrinkage

3.3. Concrete Mix Design: Objectives

3.3.1 Principles of mix design
3.3.2 CSA Mix design - Based on absolute volume method

3.4 Concept of reinforcing concrete with steel - Properties and characteristics
3.5. Types of concrete: Mass concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete

- Casting of slabs in grade
- Casting of a concrete wall
- Casting of a floor and roof framing system

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