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free excel construction templates

Construction budget template

Download this free excel construction template project management budget. You can edit this document with your project information.

This is all project expenses

Acquisition - Land and/or Building 

Acquisition - Land 
Acquisition - Building 

Site Work

 On-Site Work 
Off-Site Work 


New Construction Costs 
Rehabilitation Costs 
Construction Contingency         ( __%) 
Fees and Permits 

Professional Fees 

Architect Fees - 
Accounting/Real Estate Attorney 
Appraisal, Market Study, Environmental Report 
Consulting, Cost Certification, Etc. 
Other Contingency ( __%) 

Developer's Fees 

Developer's Fees 
General Partner 

Interim Costs 

Construction Interest 
Construction Loan Fee 
Insurance, Title, Etc. 
Taxes, Performance Premium, Etc.
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some words from the lexicon of the construction

The following photorealistic figure shows the foundation of the building.
The foundation elements of this building are the spread footings, the Foundation beams and the strip foundation.
Source of pictures :

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Underwater construction in ppt and doc lessons

Underwater concrete construction is a critical component of the entire project. It is technically demanding, usually on the critical path of the project. It is technically demanding, usually on the critical path of the project schedule, and involves complex construction logistics. Therefore, its significance in the project far beyond the concreting operations themselves, in essence, underwater concrete can be constructed with the same degree of reliability as above-water construction. But if it is not carried out properly, with the proper concrete mixture and placement procedure, underwater concrete construction can result in a major cost and schedule overrun. This is the area where sound design and competent  construction planning can achieve a meaningful reduction in risk and cost.

Here yo'll find 4 lessons about this subject.

Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
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A Short Course on Product Cost Estimation

Contents :

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What is cost estimate ? all définitions

Cost estimation is the process of developing a well-defined relationship between a cost object and its cost driver for the purpose of predicting the cost. The cost predictions are used in each of the management functions: Strategic Management: Cost estimation is used to predict costs of alternative activities, predict financial impacts of alternative strategic choices, and to predict the costs of alternative implementation strategies.

Planning and Decision Making: Cost estimation is used to predict costs so that management can determine the desirability of alternative options and to budget expenditures, profits, and cash flows.

Management and Operational Control: Cost estimation is used to develop cost standards, as a basis for evaluating performance. Product and Service Costing: Cost estimation is used to allocate costs to products and services or to charge users for jointly incurred costs.

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Construction cost estimate template excel

construction estimate form in worksheet template for free.


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xls file - Design of retaining wall

File to help you in your work

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