example of final project civil engineering - AL RAHBA MOSQUE

Final year project report in civil engineering. Project of MOSQUE.

A mosque is a place of worship for followers of the Islamic faith. Muslims often
refer to the mosque by its Arabic name, masjid.
The Arabic word masjid means temple or place of worship and comes from the
Arabic root sajada (root "s-j-d," meaning to bow or kneel) which means he
worshipped in reference to the prostrations performed during Islamic prayers.
A mosque is symbolically very important to Muslims, and is a humble way for
man to recreate pure divine presence on earth. But mosques are not built
according to divine patterns (as is alleged by many other religions) -- they are
simply divinely guided. There are no very clear rules to what a mosque should
look like, indicated in the central religious scriptures.
Mandatory elements to the mosque are that it clearly must indicate the direction to
Mecca (this direction is called qibla). The indication is in most mosques a
mihrab, a niche in the wall. The area in front of the mihrab must be roofed. In the
wall of the mihrab there can be no doors.
Mosques are centre of cities, or of neighborhoods in cities. This function does not
always have to be structured, but can be connected to mentality, and the
establishment of a new mosque often makes a centre emerge. This mechanism was
strong in older days, but is becoming more and more unusual.

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