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Calcul conducte pompe - HMT and headloss computing : xls

Spreadsheet for computing of HMT and headloss for conducte pompe for connecting pipes -

Type of fluid :waste water

Spreadsheet for computing of HMT and headloss for conducte pompe for connecting pipes -

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COAGULATION - Definition and Measurement of Colloids

Many of the contaminants in water and wastewater contain matter in the colloidal form. These colloids result in a stable “suspension”. In general the suspension is stable enough so that gravity forces will not cause precipitation of these colloidal particles. So they need special treatment to remove them from the aqueous phase. This destabilization of colloids is called “coagulation”.

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Water treatment ppt presentation

- Conventional Surface Water Treatment
– Screening-Sedimentation
- Drag Coefficient on a Sphere
- Reynolds Number for a Floc
- Laminar Flow Boundary
- Sedimentation Basin
- Sedimentation Basin: Critical Path
- Sedimentation Basin: Importance of Tank Surface Area
- Lamella
- Design Criteria for Sedimentation Tanks
- Sedimentation of Small Particles?
- Particle/particle interactions
- Energy Barrier
- Coagulation
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulation Chemistry
- Coagulant introduction with rapid mixing
- Flocculation-Flocculation
- Flocculator Design (Prior to 1992): The “shear is dominant” assumption
- Improved Model Development
- Heterodisperse, Rectilinear Flocculation
- Rectilinear Collision Frequency
– Transport Mechanisms
- Differential Sedimentation
- Herterodisperse, Curvilinear Flocculation
- Dominant Collision Mechanisms
- Curvilinear Simplified Conclusions
- Application of Results
- Mechanical Flocculators
- Hydraulic Flocculators
- Potential Research Project
- Sludge Blanket Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank
- Flocculator Design
- Basic Mechanism of Bed Load Sediment Transport
- Threshold of MovementShields Diagram (1936)
- G and t and biggest particles
- Recommended G and Gq values: Turbidity or Color Removal
- Suggested Design Process
- Vertical
- flow Baffled Flocculator
- Scaling floc sed down to POU
- Coagulants
- Upflow Flocculator/Sedimentation Tank particle capture
- Physical Characteristics of Floc: The Floc Density Function
- Floc Density Function: Dimensional Analysis!
- Additional Model Limitation
- Floc Density and Velocity (Approximate)
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Deep vs. Shallow
- Flocculation/Sedimentation: Batch vs. Upflow
- Frictional Losses in Straight Pipes


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water treatment process ppt lesson

water treatment process presentation.

Drinking water should be essentially free of disease-causing microbes, but often this is not the case.
- A large proportion of the world’s population drinks microbially contaminated water, especially in developing countries .
Using the best possible source of water for potable water supply and protecting it from microbial and chemical contamination is the goal
- In many places an adequate supply of pristine water or water that can be protected from contamination is not available
The burden of providing microbially safe drinking water supplies from contaminated natural waters rests upon water treatment processes 
- The efficiency of removal or inactivation of enteric microbes and other pathogenic microbes in specific water treatment processes has been determined for some microbes but not others.
- The ability of water treatment processes and systems to reduce waterborne disease has been determined in epidemiological studies

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Manhole diameter calculator - sheet xls

Example of Manhole diameter with excel sheet.

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