Structure of atom

Radiation and Atoms
Width and Shape of Spectral Lines
 Lifetime Broadening
 Collision or Pressure Broadening
Doppler Broadening
 Atomic Orders of Magnitude
Other important Atomic quantities
The Central Field Approximation
The form of the Central Field
 Finding the Central Field
The Central Field Approximation
The Physics of the Wave Functions
Angular Momentum
 Radial wavefunctions
Multi-electron atoms
Electron Configurations
The Periodic Table
Gross Energy Level Structure of the Alkalis: Quantum Defect
Corrections to the Central Field: Spin-Orbit interaction
The Physics of Spin-Orbit Interaction
Finding the Spin-Orbit Correction to the Energy
The B-Field due to Orbital Motion
The Energy Operator
The Radial Integral
The Angular Integral: Degenerate Perturbation Theory
Degenerate Perturbation theory and the Vector Model
Evaluation of D sˆ · ˆl E using DPT and the Vector Model
Spin Orbit Interaction: Summary
Spin-Orbit Splitting: Alkali Atoms
Spectroscopic Notation
Two-electron Atoms: Residual Electrostatic Effects and LS-Coupling
Magnesium: Gross Structure
The Electrostatic Perturbation
Orbital effects on electrostatic interaction in LS-coupling
Spin-Orbit Effects in 2-electron Atoms
Nuclear Effects on Atomic Structure 37 6.1 Hyperfine Structure
The Magnetic Field of Electrons
Coupling of I and J
Finding the Nuclear Spin, I
Isotope Effects
Selection Rules 42 7.1 Parity
Angular Momentum Rules
Atoms in Magnetic Fields 44 8.1 Weak field, no spin
8.2 Weak Field with Spin and Orbit
Anomalous Zeeman Pattern
Polarization of the radiation
Strong fields, spin and orbit
Intermediate fields
Magnetic field effects on hyperfine structure
Weak field
Strong field
X-Rays: transitions involving inner shell electrons 56 9.1 X-ray Spectra
X-ray series
Fine structure of X-ray spectra
X-ray absorption
Auger Effect
 High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy 61 10.1 Absorption Spectroscopy
Laser Spectroscopy
Spectral resolution
“Doppler Free” spectroscopy
Crossed beam spectroscopy
Saturation Spectroscopy
Calibration of Doppler-free Spectra
Comparison of “Doppler-free” Methods

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